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How to quantify potential climate or ESG-related litigation for banks?

We have identified three channels of exposure: customers, products and information. This video focuses on products, in particular funds.

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How to quantify the risk of climate litigation for banks?

Clients are a major source of banks' exposure to climate-related litigation. Indeed, the financing of a project can be seen as part of the causal chain of environmental damage. Watch this video to understand how this emerging risk can be quantified, by combining external data on climate-related litigation with internal data linked to portfolio sector allocation.

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GCOR Conference 2023

Join us virtually to discover how to identify and assess climate risks that could expose banks with the innovative XOI method.

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MSTAR scenario of the month
Cyber Attack

In the XOI methodology, a scenario is analyzed by identifying the resources exposed to an event, their degree of vulnerability to that event, and the factors and circumstances that can affect the cost of that event if it hits one of the exposed units. This short video explains this on a Cyber attack scenario.

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MSTAR scenario of the month
Anti-Competitive and Manipulative Practices

This month, the "MSTAR Bank" board discusses the "Anti-competitive and manipulative practices" scenario, covering cases such as LIBOR or FX cartel. This is an example of conduct risk addressed by a common model structure based on the breakdown of exposed income. The board will also discuss the value of a comparative assessment of controls for this type of risks. This benchmarking will be made possible by the interoperability of services on the ORX Association iDP Platform.

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MSTAR scenario of the month
Trading Error

This month let's explore the quantification of this scenario through a wizard and what-if simulations, plus a sneak peek at the concept of the Exposure Table.
Find an in-depth explanation in our book (Operational Risk Modeling in Financial Services: The Exposure, Occurrence, Impact Method), Chapter IV, §10 "IV.10 A step towards Oprisk Metrics" .

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ELSEWARE at New Generation Operational Risk Europe in London on March 14-15

Join us to discover how to identify and assess ESG-related risks that could expose banks to losses through an analysis of five exposure scenarios and a structured risk assessment framework.

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Exciting news! MSTAR is now an ORX Association Innovation Data Platform (iDP) partner

As the industry leading software, MSTAR offers the unique ability to design and simulate structured scenarios for operational risk through the use of the award winning XOI method. Check out our latest document for more information on MSTAR's integration into IDP. Contact us for any further inquiries or to request a demo.

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MSTAR at OpRisk North America 2022

Join us at the Oprisk North America Executive boardroom:Scenario construction "taking a standardized approach to benchmarking risk exposures".

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ABA/MSTAR - Climate Risk Benchmarking survey

To help U.S. financial institutions navigate the emerging climate-related regulations and risk environment, the American Bankers Association and its partner MSTAR are conducting this annual survey to assess and compare the practices of different institutions in addressing climate risk.

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